Community-Driven Meme Business.


Enter The Blast HOGE Ecosystem

Blast HOGE is a community-driven meme token on the Blast network created by community leaders of HOGE Finance.

$HOGE is rewarded to the existing community and early adopters on the Blast network to incentivize bridging and participation on L2’s.





Blast HOGE Launch Keys: Your key to unlock free access to the Blast HOGE ecosystem of utility.

We have fully minted 1,000 Blast HOGE Launch Keys via BLASTR.

Key holders have been rewarded with a free airdrop of 1% of the total supply of $HOGE as early supporters of the Blast Network and Blast Hoge, as well as additional rewards.

Blast HOGE DAO: Blast HOGE is and always will be for the community, by the community.

As a reflection of this, we’ll soon be forming a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) with a treasury to fund proposals and initiatives.

Joining the elite group of DAO members means you hold at least 2 of our Blast HOGE NFTs, making you eligible to launch proposals.



  • $HOGE airdrops
  • Earn BLAST Points
  • Early access to future drops
  • DAO governance voting and rewards (2 NFT’s required)



$HOGE Liquidity

Through our partners @BlasterSwap, we will take a percentage of our NFT treasury reserves and add liquidity to bolster the stability of $HOGE.

We will also be adding liquidity to other ecosystem DEX’s such as Thruster and Uniswap while exploring potentials for cross-chain trading pairs and bridges for ETH $HOGE.

$HOGE Airdrop 1

30% to original HOGE members + HOGE Treasury

10% to Blast HOGE DAO NFT holders

10% to early Blast supporters and partnered projects

1% to Blast HOGE Key holders

$HOGE Airdrop 2

Expect marketing campaigns and
airdrops in partnership with some of Blast’s leading platforms,
protocols and communities via social media campaigns + raids and more.



DAO members propose new ideas and initiatives to shape the future of Blast HOGE via community votes.

Budgets are
allocated- execution is continued, and our exploration beyond the moon

Stake $HOGE tokens and NFT’s to earn from Blast’s native auto rebasing yields and ETH reflections


To Learn More About BLAST HOGE Check Out Our About Us

Joining is simple! Start by securing your $HOGE airdrop and checking your eligibility. For a deeper involvement, consider becoming part of the DAO by holding at least 2 of our Blast HOGE NFTs

Members enjoy a range of benefits including $HOGE airdrops, earning $BLAST Points, Blast GOLD, early access to future drops, and the ability to participate in DAO governance voting and rewards.

The keys have fully minted, but can be collected on Opensea and Element Marketplace

The membership price operates on a continuous Dutch auction system, where the price adjusts based on daily demand and the dynamic minimum price is tied to the Blast HOGE book value.

Blast Gold is a form of reward for the Blast HOGE community. Members can earn it through various activities within the ecosystem, such as participating in the DAO or holding NFTs or even trading $HOGE or adding liquidity on partnered DEX's.

In Phase 2, we focus on enhancing $HOGE liquidity and distributing airdrops to support our community. Phase 3 is all about innovation, where DAO members drive the project forward by proposing and voting on new ideas.

A substantial portion (70%) will support the Blast HOGE Reserve, with the rest allocated to liquidity, the DAO Treasury, and operational expenses, ensuring the project's growth and sustainability.

Stay connected through our Twitter and Telegram channels! You'll find the latest news, updates, and community discussions there.

Yes, we're actively working with partners like Magna, Blasterswap, and others to enhance the Blast HOGE ecosystem and bring more value to our community.

As a DAO member, you'll have the ability to submit ideas for the community to vote on. Successful proposals not only help shape the future of Blast HOGE but also reward the proposer and executor with $HOGE.

$HOGE is available on Blasterswap, Thruster and Uniswap.

To become the largest token community on the Blast network, as well as largest DAO (with a matching treasury, of-course!) We look to expand the HOGE Finance ecosystem and serve as an arm for onboarding the masses to layer 2 protocols. In due time, they'll say HOGE redefined memecoins.

Ready To Blast?

Blast Hoge is dedicated to displaying the potential of web3 interoperability and the power of inclusion.
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